24K E-Liquid 60ml - Belgian Seduction (Waffles & Ice Cream)

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You're in New York where you're meeting with a CEO to land the big deal.  Running late and worried about first impressions, you meet at the popular uptown café where the CEO recommends you try the Belgian Waffles.  “They're the best you'll have anywhere in the world” he states.  Freshly baked Belgian Waffles draped in syrup and finished with a deliciously sweet vanilla ice cream. When you take the first bite you must agree with the fact that these are indeed the best you've had anywhere in the world.  Let’s just hope you don't spill any on that fine Armani suit.

Important Information on E-Liquids:


  • Ready to Vape This strength is designed to be poured or dripped and vaped directly and does not need to be mixed with anything further.
  • Doubler This strength is double the flavour meaning it is designed for being diluted with your own VG/PG or nicotine solution.  These are sold in half full bottles for your convenience in mixing.


  • 70VG/30PG All of our liquids are made with a 70% Vegetable Glycerine mix giving smoother throat hit and great in most tanks and drippers.

All of our E-Liquid is made under HACCP conditions in a food registered premises meaning you're getting the highest quality liquid made with care. 

All of our E-Liquid is nicotine free as per Australian law which prohibits its sale and supply.